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Dr. Stephanie Beard is the leading principal of The Thinker Partner. Boasting over 15 years of profound experience, she's a distinguished thinker coach, accredited by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). She specializes in Neuroleadership and Emotional Intelligence, fostering focused thinking to achieve intended results. She is inspired by personal challenges that ignited her passion for mental resilience. Her dedication grew profoundly through her active role in her husband's ministry and her individual initiatives to tackle complex community issues, often rooted in unconstructive thought processes. Through her exhaustive research and immersive field studies, she's mastered powerful techniques that don't just tear down cognitive roadblocks, but actively pave the path for more enriching thought processes. She eloquently shares these insights in her acclaimed book, "Love Yourself More: 90 Days to Unshakable Thinking." A proud alumna, Dr. Stephanie earned her doctorate from Trevecca Nazarene University, Nashville, and holds a Master of Professional Services from Lipscomb University. These academic laurels not only attest to her dedication but also fortify her unique coaching approach. But her prowess doesn't end there. In the tech world, she's an influential strategist for Fortune 500 companies. As a STEM Director, she passionately mentors high school technology enthusiasts, ensuring they have a robust foundation for future triumphs. With Dr. Stephanie Beard at the helm, it's not just about theoretical insights. Her coaching techniques are practical, and transformative, and have consistently turned thoughts into tangible success.

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Unshakable Thinking

Ready to achieve your goals? Our service helps you develop constructive thinking for endless possibilities! The Thinker Partner invites you to explore a world where Thought Coaching and Neuroleadership principles converge to deliver strategic thinking and tangible results. We stand out by intertwining neuroscience with leadership practices, providing a robust suite of offerings

<span>Unshakable Thinking</span>

Learn to Mindshift Flow

Thinker Partner empowers you with steadfast thought patterns, paving the way to conquer challenges and realize your aspirations.

<span>Learn to Mindshift Flow</span>

"This service has given me hope. Dr. Stephanie explains how the true self can emerge from 90-day cycles of renewal and she walks step-by-step with you to reach the clarity of thoughts. "

Professor Trenay Bynum, Author

Start your journey towards thinking for success today!.

“Changing the way we think, strikes at the heart of our thought life and our emotions is the key to transforming our lives. If we can’t change the way we think about ourselves, we can’t come to love ourselves. Learning to love ourselves and moving toward “unshakeable thinking” is a powerful process that Stephanie has created that will benefit anyone dealing with their healing condition. Stuck in the past, needing to change our trajectory, learning to think well, and paying attention to our thoughts and emotions, are some of the great topics she has covered. If you are looking to change your life this book will be a tremendous tool that God will use in your life. ” - Scott Reall

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